What is Bitcoin Crypto Debit Card

Just like a conventional debit or credit card, cryptocurrency debit cards allow you to complete day-to-day transactions using cryptocurrencies. Often, you don't need to worry about whether your physical card will be accepted by a merchant. That's because many of the products out there have been released in conjunction with Visa and Mastercard, meaning they can be used in millions of locations


The best example of a premium Bitcoin debit card is the Visa-issued TRASTRA crypto debit card that features not only BTC wallet but also ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, and USDC. TRASTRA is a prepaid debit card, and once a wallet (wallets) is funded, the card can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash or for making online and offline purchases from any entity that’s on the Visa merchants global network. TRASTRA provides users not only with a highly sophisticated crypto debit card but also with a secure all-in-one personal dashboard that links all your assets and allows users to monitor their transactions 24/7/365. 

The one very special feature that puts the TRASTRA Bitcoin debit card way ahead of the curve is the personal IBAN account linked to it. This makes TRASTRA crypto debit card a perfect tool for paying salaries and remittances to remote employees in crypto: you receive an agreed-upon equivalent of your remuneration in cryptocurrency of choice, exchange it to EUR via IBAN inside our mobile app (no need to stop by the bank) and use your card as you would a regular Visa card for payments or cash withdrawals, or simply hold your crypto until the time is right to exchange it.

The card is available for all verified TRASTRA account users who are residents of the European Economic Area (EEA). It comes in plastic form with an e-money account.

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