A cryptocurrency wallet
with security at its core.

Get the best of both worlds
in one robust Trastra Wallet.
Store cryptocurrencies and euros

Over 70,000

crypto users trust us with their digital assets

31 countries

across Europe enjoy access to our wallet

Over EUR 2,000,000

in transactions processed every month


  • 1

    Free multi-currency wallet

    for storing your cryptocurrencies safely

  • 2

    Buy, Sell, and Cash out

    cryptocurrencies instantly

  • 3

    Free personal IBAN

    for receiving Euros

  • 4

    Buy Bitcoins

    with Bank Transfer, no fees!

  • 5

    Freedom to Choose

    the Bitcoin transaction speed and mining fee

We use the latest technology
to ensure the safety of your funds

2 Factor

Fingerprint Authentication

Custody by

24/7 customer

The power to choose your fees

  • With Trastra you are always in control of the fees you pay.

  • Reasonable mining fees for high-speed transactions.

  • Low mining fees for transactions at medium speed.

  • Negligible fees for slow transactions.


All You Need To Know About Crypto Wallets

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the most logical afterbirth was that of cryptocurrency wallets. The ensuing evolution of storing cryptocurrencies eventually resulted in the development of multiple online and offline applications and devices that have generally become known as hot and cold wallets. Multiple cryptocurrency wallets are currently available on the market to suit any user’s needs, and most are crypto wallets with white labels.

Types of Crypto Wallets

All crypto wallets can be separated into two classes known as hot and cold wallets. Though they have similar functions to store various cryptocurrencies securely, the two types are quite different.