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TRASTRA is Giving Away EUR10 Worth of BTC

Rejoice, for TRASTRA is celebrating crypto by giving away EUR10 worth of BTC to anyone in the EEA (European Economic Area) who wants to adopt cryptocurrencies as a way of life!

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TRASTRA/Bidroom Partnership: Important Step Towards Disrupting Travel Industry

We wonder if the numbers still stand: the travel industry is growing at a rate of 3,9% - faster than the global GDP (3,2%) - giving way only to manufacturing. Too soon? Well, the stats are pre-pandemic, and today nobody really knows when will the jolly giants like Travelocity, Expedia, Airbnb, and RoyalCarribean rise again. But whenever that happens, the problems with the travel industry as a whole are likely to persist. And the most protruding of them all is the number of intermediaries involved in every aspect of your moving from point A to point B.

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Invite your first friend to TRASTRA and you both can win 500 EUR in crypto!

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How Do Crypto Referral Programs Work?

Cryptocurrency referral programs or partner programs are one of the latest streams of passive income. If you have a significant online presence on social media, website, blog, or anything else on the web which can attract visitors, it's time to capitalize on this presence. A referral program pays a commission whenever you send paying customers their way.

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Getting Crypto Payments Through with the TRASTRA IBAN Service – Real Use Cases

Getting payments through quickly and efficiently with minimum time lags and the lowest possible fees has always been the main target of both employers, big and small, and private users who want to get paid. Among the multiple innovations and advancements that have been achieved in recent times in the continuing development of the financial market, the advent of cryptocurrencies has ushered in an entirely new form of convenience.

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Welcome TRASTRA IBAN Account

There is some exciting new news in the world of TRASTRA! TRASTRA has launched the IBAN Account! As we continue to move into the future with crypto, we would love to merge into existing pillars of traditional fiat currency banking to give all our clients in Europe the benefits of a seamless transition from one to the other; being able to use both.

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TRASTRA Cards for Business

With the rising trend in cryptocurrency usage and acquisition, it would be a wise move for companies to start paying their salary using blockchains and employees to accept this payment type. Just like any non-monetary funds, to use it, one requires a crypto card, and this is where TRASTRA comes in. TRASTRA Offers you a Simple API integration that enables your users to cash-out Crypto directly from your interface.

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TRASTRA Updates. August 2019

We appreciate and adore our users, that’s why we value user-friendliness above all!

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TRASTRA is your step towards using crypto in day-to-day life. We believe in changes blockchain brings to daily life. As a crypto community supporters, we seek to make a product that could be useful and handy for everyone. Thus, we are always in a non-stop improvement of TRASTRA features.