Invite your first friend to TRASTRA and you both can win 500 EUR in crypto!

Giving is as good as getting🌟

Keeping that in mind we have prepared a special limited-time offer for you and your friends allowing both of you to win 500 EUR in crypto to spend in 2021. 

Fully random, extremely profitable, and lots of fun. You’re just gonna love it! 

Allow us to introduce «TRASTRA Raffle» — the first-ever cryptocurrency raffle launched by a crypto card provider.

Read on for more details:


If you’ve never recommended TRASTRA to your crypto circle, now is the perfect time to do it!

  • Invite your first friend* to TRASTRA by sharing your referral link and asking them to order the cryptocurrency card. You may find the link in the Rewards section of TRASTRA App or by clicking on the button below.


  • Once your friend orders the TRASTRA card we’ll enter your name in a raffle of 300 EUR in crypto. That’s on top of our regular referral bonus🚀
  • We’ve got a reward in crypto for your friend as well🥳
    Once the TRASTRA card is ordered by your friend they instantly get in a raffle of 200 EUR in crypto. The entry ends on 09/03/2021 at 12:00 GMT. Both winners will be randomly picked and announced on our Social Media channels on 12/03/2021 so make sure to subscribe for all the updates ⬇

All invitees can become referrals themselves simply by asking their own friends to join TRASTRA.

May good fortune be in your favor🍀

The luckiest ones will get the rewards on 10 March 2021.


Terms and Conditions

The TRASTRA Raffle Campaign shall begin on February 10, 2021, and end on March 12, 2021 (the “Offer Period”).

The TRASTRA Raffle campaign allows certain verified TRASTRA users to participate in a raffle to win 300 EUR in cryptocurrency by referring their friends to order the card provided by TRASTRA within the offer period. In addition, all first-time referees are eligible to win 200 EUR in a cryptocurrency supported by TRASTRA. 

Only users with verified TRASTRA accounts are eligible to participate in the TRASTRA Raffle. 

You can track the current status of referees’ card orders by logging into your TRASTRA account.

Only users inviting their friend for the first time within the offer period are eligible to participate.





In order to select the winners of the Prizes, TRASTRA shall:

  1. Create two lists of Qualifying Referrers and Qualifying Referees. 
  2. Assign each Qualifying Referral and Qualifying Referee a unique reference number. 
  3. Enter unique reference numbers into separate databases and randomly select one unique reference number from each list in an automated and impartial manner. 
  4. Notify two winners from each list by email. 
  5. Create and publish a Social Media post announcing the winners. 

The payouts to winners are made to their TRASTRA wallets in BTC by default within 3 business days after winners are announced. The winner can choose to be paid in a different cryptocurrency supported by TRASTRA: ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC. 

* First referee who orders the TRASTRA card within the offer period (10.02.21 – 10.03.21).

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