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Top 10 Crypto and Bitcoin resources to read in 2019

Here at TRASTRA we try to know everything about the crypto industry and to share our experience and knowledge with everybody.

Friends, 2019 is coming soon.
The end of 2018 is the best time for different preparations.

Thus, we decided to make a list of Crypto and Bitcoin-related news platforms and sources for you to watch in 2019.

Here they are:

First and most substantial for everyone:
Here you will find the latest news about Bitcoin and crypto world, the best up-to-date tips about Bitcoin, on how to buy it, where and how to store, and just the upright information. is in the top of 5 sites by the visitor traffic, because of the content volume.
This source is also great for those who are in the deep interest of Bitcoin Cash.

The world crypto market expertices, prices reviews, personal opinions, editor’s choices and more other things for crypto interested people. The site is known for it’s unique image style, it is just awesome.

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Yes, for sure Coindesk.
Was founded in 2013 and today is one of the most influential and essential.
Each month Coindesk sees more than 10 million visitors, that makes it the largest platform by visitors volume.
This source, unlike the others, covers not only news about cryptocurrency, but also about ICO investments.
You can also find here the news about market trends, educational topics.

One of the first crypto related news platforms started in 2013 under the name
Most of the topics are dedicated to Bitcoin, but you can also find here the market cap rates, trading news, info about exchange rates.

News not only Bitcoin.
This platform shows also materials about altcoins, ICO projects, info for investors.
We like this source a lot because of their short topics, they are comprehensive and good for newbies.
They also have reviews of gambling sites.

Great thing for new people in crypto.
Here you’ll find answers, guides and tutorials to different questions and services like tokens, coins, blockchain etc.
Blockonomi gives a lot of information about the mining of cryptocurrencies, equipment, and mining case studies.
This site also dedicates time to ICO projects.

On NewsBTC you’ll find not only news, but also the analysis of the market, crypto prices and charts, guides and educational materials.
This news platform also has an Android app which you can find on Google Play.

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At this platform, you are able to watch crypto prices in real time and to know the proof type used for every coin.

Here you’ll find technical analysis of coins, cryptocurrency news, trading tips and more over tips.
Good for newbies 🙂

Yes, Reddit is one of the best sources to find information on every question you need to know about crypto. Just search in different subreddits, ask the community to help, and explore.

That’s all for now.
Plan your future year wisely.
Stay tuned with TRASTRA

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