The Best Crypto Referral Programs of 2020

As awareness and understanding of Bitcoin and digital currency is slowly on the rise, people are finding more ways to use and invest in crypto. As surprising as it sounds, you can earn a passive income through affiliate programs and referral programs for cryptocurrencies. Many platforms run programs for their affiliates to refer new clients and earn a commission on those who join. This is especially beneficial for influencers and bloggers with a following. This year too, there are many referral programs available; some of the top few are listed below.

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It is never easy to miss TRASTRA when it comes to their referral marketing. 

TRASTRA provides you with crypto cards that allow you to exchange crypto to EUR instantly. This also works vice-versa and without the need for a bank account. With the TRASTRA card, you can pay for goods, services, and everything you want with crypto. The company has an app and a wallet. Besides, you can buy the top crypto coins on the website.

Through this program, you can earn 5 euros for each new card activation through your referral link or 0.2% on each exchange. Also, you can monitor your referrals’ status in real-time. Check if your friends have activated their TRASTRA cards or they’re still on the way to it.

It’s a great way for new users to test out TRASTRA and how easily they can spend crypto in daily life.

In order to attract more users, has the BG50 referral program.

After you complete the signup and pass KYC verification, you will get a Sign-Up Bonus locked in your CRO Wallet.

Once an MCO card has been reserved, you are awarded $50 worth of CRO in your account until October 31st, 2020. After this date, you will earn the equivalent of $25 worth.

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Crypterium’s referral program is pretty straightforward. 

When you refer someone to Crypterium using your unique referral link, they receive $5 as soon as they make their first crypto-fiat transaction in the App. In return, the company gives you $5 and 25% of their commissions for an entire year.


Wirex offers a referral program in two stages.

At first, you’ll get $5 in BTC once your friend buys $100 worth of crypto (BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH) with their linked credit/debit card.

Then another $5 in BTC when the same friend orders a contactless Wirex Visa card and makes their first in-store purchase (only in countries where you can order the Wirex card).

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Crypto really has come a long way. Through referral links or swipes of a Bitcoin Card or other crypto cards, you can earn crypto or earn money; all you need to do is just invite friends to the big crypto party. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose the right platform for you and get started. 


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