The best Crypto Halloween Costumes

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With 2020 being an unstable and unexpected year, many plans have been put on hold or changed completely. Now that Halloween is right around the corner and governments are opening up a lot of places, many people are getting in the spirit of fun through this new normalcy and want to make sure that their small indoor parties showcase their creativity and style to uplift their spirits.

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The world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not far behind when it comes to Halloween. Digital currency is fast becoming a part of our new normal and many people have incorporated it into their Halloween costumes as well.

In this article, we will see one of the lighter sides of Bitcoin and how some people have become really creative with their costumes incorporating crypto into Halloween.

The Blockchain

Since blockchain is pretty much the backbone of the cryptosystem, how does incorporating it in your festivities sound like? Yes, I mean a proper blockchain costume. When simplified it very obviously means blocks and chains over a black bodysuit to ensure that the essence of the costume shines! And throw in a few glow in the dark elements on the blocks and chains and your outfit will not just be an eye grabber but literally will shine through the night.

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Bitcoin Fork

The Bitcoin fork (explained loosely) is a split between the old rules and the new, won’t it be fun to incorporate the Bitcoin culture gap in your costume? You can use two big (abdomen size) Bitcoin symbols and have a chain run through the symbol and hang it around your neck around both. And to denote the fork element, hold a trident, which has a sinister and powerful feel, in your hand. One costume and three important elements of cryptocurrency – the chains from blockchain, the Bitcoin Symbol, and the fork – what more do you want to get the party started?

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Bitcoin Hacker / Bitcoin Thief

This particular costume is extremely simple yet clever. To embody the spirit of fear on Halloween as a Bitcoin user, you can dress as a crypto hacker. A  crypto hacker is nothing but a thief and anybody who has crypto or Bitcoin will definitely get spooked by a bitcoin hacker. All you need to do is wear horizontal black and white stripes (the quintessential thiefs garb) and hold a small money sack with the Bitcoin symbol. Don’t forget to wear black gloves and suitable thief’s eye gear to complete the look. This is definitely one of the spookier Bitcoin Halloween costumes as losing their Bitcoins to a hacker is a crypto traders worst nightmare.

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Murdering Fiat Currency

Well, crypto murdering fiat currency is a notion that may very well become true in the next few decades, and the thought sends shivers down fiat currency institutions spines. For the ultimate spooky vibe and meet traditional Halloween horror standards, you can wear Bitcoin and Litecoin symbols on your tee-shirt. You can make alphabetical plaques or use alphabet balloons to denote the cryptocurrency symbol. And the killing of fiat currency can be shown by crumpling fake currency bills, or tearing them or add a fake hand out of your crypto symbol with a fake knife murdering fiat currency. This costume can showcase that you can live with new-age digital currency instead of physical bills in hand.

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Of all the crypto Halloween costumes, this one has to be by far one of the most graphic, in a very comical sense.

When it comes to Halloween there are many new traditions that are popping up that relate to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Ripple, etc. You can throw a crypto Halloween party for people who are interested solely in crypto and meet fellow crypto enthusiasts.

So what are you waiting for? What will you ask for this Halloween? Trick or crypto?

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