Ultimate freedom: work anywhere, get paid in Crypto or Euros

With Crypto, your wage also acts as an investment.
We help you manage that investment, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Card Benefits:

Receive a card connected to a personal IBAN, able to receive euros

Shop anywhere Visa is accepted and receive never-ending perks and bonuses from TRASTRA

An instant card blocking function in case the card is lost or stolen

Convert crypto to euro and vice versa — anytime, anywhere

No card top-up fee. No fees on purchases made in euros

Purchase seven major crypto- currencies at the lowest market rates

Over 46 million merchants and ATMs worldwide accept the Visa-issued TRASTRA crypto debit card


  • Easily track all your deposits in cryptocurrencies and euros in one place.
  • Maintain a record of all your expenses and stay in control of your finances.


  • One card for making over-the-counter purchases and shopping online.
  • Send funds worldwide via zero-fee crypto transfers.


  • Receive any type of wage in crypto, anywhere in the world.
  • Receive wages in euros via a bank transfer — funds are deposited directly to your card and are available for use across the Visa network.

If you’re an employer, or you want to encourage your employer to register for the TRASTRA Salary Card Program, get involved!


Service Fees

Account registration FREE

Multi-Crypto wallets activation (7 cryptocurrencies)FREE

Payment account creation FREE

Card order fee*  9.00 €

Card delivery FREE

Annual Card management** 15.00 €

Mobile apps FREE

*An equivalent amount will be deducted from your crypto wallet; ** The first charge is made after the first card load*

Card Fees

Card delivery FREE

Crypto exchange / card load fee 0.00 €

Offline card purchase fee (€) 0.00 €

Online card purchase fee (€) 0.00 €

non-Euro card purchase fee (online, offline) 3% OF TRANSACTION VALUE

ATM balance request (€) 0.35 €

Internal card-to-card transfers 0.20 €

ATM PIN change 0.40 €

ATM € withdrawal* 2.25 €

ATM withdrawal of non-euro currencies, or when outside the
European Economic Area**
2.25 € + 3%

*,**some ATM providers may charge an additional fee and should advise you before you confirm the transaction;

Card limits

Maximum card balance limit 8,000.00 €

Daily spend limit 7,700.00 €

Daily ATM withdrawal limit 300.00 €

Daily spend limit 8,000.00 €



Crypto Fees

Deposit crypto FREE

Exchange crypto to EUR FREE

Buy crypto 5%

Send crypto to external wallet STANDARD MINING FEE*

Send crypto to a different TRASTRA wallet FREE