Pay with TRASTRA Crypto Card & Get 100%* of your Crypto Back!

You spend — we refund.

It’s that simple.

Use promo code BTCBACK1, spend 50 EUR on goods or services until 30/09 using TRASTRA Cryptocurrency card, and we refund the full amount to your wallet

How do I get my 100% cashback?


Step 1:
Order the card

Verify your account and order Visa TRASTRA Card using Promo Code BTCBACK1

IMPORTANT: you must activate your card before shopping!


Step 2:
Spend crypto

Spend no less than 50 EUR on offline or online purchases using your Visa TRASTRA card until September 30, 2021.


Step 3:
Get it back

We will refund 50 EUR of the purchase value in BTC at the beginning of the next month so you may treat yourself using TRASTRA again and again!

Store your assets in a secure crypto wallet or exchange your crypto to EUR and use it for online/offline purchases with the help of a Visa TRASTRA card


  • 50 EUR Refund on all purchases made with TRASTRA card.*
  • Free IBAN Account to purchase crypto with a bank transfer with zero fees.
  • TRASTRA is a regulated entity fully compliant with Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Instant crypto cash-out to EUR via an intuitive mobile App.
  • Visa TRASTRA card is welcome at over 46 million locations across the entire Visa network.
  • No card load fees and no fees for purchases made in EUR.
  • Best-in-class referral program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the promo?

August 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021. In order to receive the refund, participants must order the TRASTRA card using code BTCBACK1, activate the card, and make offline or online purchases worth no less than 50 EUR

Do I need to spend 50 EUR per item or I can spread it out on several purchases?

Entirely up to you. The bottom line is, you must spend no less than 50 EUR during the promo period.

When will the 50 EUR be refunded, and how?

Once your purchase is made, we will refund the 50 EUR in BTC to your TRASTRA wallet on or before the 15th of the following month. E.g., you spend 50 EUR in August — the Refund is coming between September 1st and 15th.

What if I spend more than 50 EUR?

Shopping addict, eh? Kidding, but we can only refund 50 EUR in BTC. Still, we’re happy that you find using the TRASTRA crypto card for real-life shopping fun!

Which purchases qualify me for a refund?

Any offline or online good or service will do except for purchasing cryptocurrencies or any other digital assets.

I couldn’t find my answer.

Please follow the link for the complete Terms & Conditions.* Chances are, your answer is already there, but in the unlikely event that it’s not, please contact us at and we’ll give you all the info needed.