Our Best Friends Day Gift: 10 EUR in BTC from TRASTRA to You and Your BFF!

Bitcoin debit card

In celebration of the International Best Friends Day, on June 8th TRASTRA extends its best wishes to all members of our community and crypto enthusiasts the world over. As a token of our appreciation, we are announcing the launch of a special referral program designed to bring you and your best friend closer together. The rules are as simple as sharing a dessert:

    Starting from June 8th, refer a mate to TRASTRA via your referral link. 

    Once your friend activates the TRASTRA wallet, we will transfer 10 EUR in BTC to them within 3 business days. 

    You will receive your reward as soon as your friend orders and activates the TRASTRA card no later than July 30.

    NOTE: the referee’s card must be activated during the promo period. Otherwise, a regular referral reward applies. 

Here’s where to find your referral link:

There, you have it! Nothing like surprising your pal with a tenner and a smile that comes with a Visa crypto debit card to boot! “Time and time again crypto has shown us its potential to build communities and forge friendships,” says TRASTRA CEO Roman Potemkin, “and the International Best Friend Day is another perfect opportunity to show to the world once again how easy and fun it is to play with wallets and transact with crypto, how useful it is to have a crypto debit card in your pocket so you can cash out anytime at any ATM that accepts Visa. And if you and your mate can make a few quid while at it, what’s wrong with that?!”

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