How to Use TRASTRA Cards

As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly common, it is becoming easier to use and spend. Companies are now allowing you to pay for products and services through crypto and some companies have gone a step further by allowing you to receive a crypto salary and get paid in Crypto. With Bitcoin leading the fray by a huge margin, many people are seeing the benefits of a Bitcoin salary as well and prefer to get paid in Bitcoin. In order to make transactions in this whole new world much easier, the crypto card was born.

TRASTRA understands the importance of crypto cards for business and offers many benefits to its own TRASTRA card. This card is simple to use. You can use TRASTRA cards for a variety of purposes. Below we have listed some major uses along with their advantages. These cards can be used to:


Since the TRASTRA card is a VISA card, you can use it to shop online and in physical stores as well. VISA makes sure that it is accepted in all places. Because of its contactless payment properties, it is a very convenient card to use.

Convert Coins to Fiat Currency

You can use your TRASTRA card at an ATM and cash out in Euros straight from Bitcoin. It is all done with the swipe of the card and the push of some buttons. Converting coins and altcoins to Euros has never been faster!

Disable Instantly

In case you lose your TRASTRA card, you can instantly disable it and enable it again once found. This keeps your cryptocurrency secure.

Upload Crypto Instantly

Your crypto can be uploaded into your card directly from the app, whenever you need it. Some banks take days to upload and transfer your money. With the TRASTRA card, it is very convenient and instant whenever you require it.

Receive Notifications

With the TRASTRA VISA card, you receive notifications with all purchases in Euro done through the card.

Secure Funds with Anti Skimming Technology

The TRASTRA VISA card uses chip technology. This secures your card and the currency it has the power over keeping your money safe.

Cut off Additional Fees

Unlike traditional banking methods, with the TRASTRA card, the fees are much lesser in comparison. In this way, you can have transactions all across the globe in an instant at the fraction of the cost. This increases the potential of the business as a major hassle is cut off, allowing for more transfers to be made.

Bring in Additional Business

With the ease, speed, and transparency that comes along with the TRASTRA card, more businesses and clients will appreciate the perks that come along with it. This pulls in a bigger client pool for your business.

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Companies are now seeing all the benefits of crypto. Besides Bitcoin, currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Ethereum are major forms of crypto that are growing at a rapid rate and being widely accepted. With this and the future of crypto in mind, cards like the Bitcoin card and others are gaining widespread favor, especially among businesses.

With the TRASTRA card, you get all of the advantages mentioned above. The most major perks are the efficiency and transparency with which it operates, at the fraction of the amount as compared to other traditional methods.

We hope this article has helped you immensely in understanding how TRASTRA cards are the right choice for business!

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