How to Get Your TRASTRA Account Verified: Step-by-Step Guide (VIDEO)

how to verify your bitcoin debit card

Is getting your account verified on the platform important? You bet, it is. Unless you take these four simple steps, you'll be unable to enjoy the benefits of TRASTRA in any way, form or capacity. It's that simple. Luckily, we've prepared this step-by-step guide to crypto greatness with us. Please take some time to go over our instructions so the future may reveal its bright colours to you as soon as possible

TRASTRA account verification is the process of confirming your identity based on provided documents. After verification, you will be able to activate 5 crypto wallets and order your TRASTRA Payment card.

You need to pass 4 steps of the verification procedure:

Phone number verification (Step 1);

Filling in your address (Step 2);

Document uploading (Step 3);

Liveness check (Step 4).

The full list of documents you have to upload during the procedure can be found here.

Here’s a quick guide on how to upload documentation to pass verification successfully.

Please log in to your TRASTRA account.

There are two ways for account verification. The first one is from the main dashboard on the right bottom corner, tap the blue button Order Card:

And the second one: from your profile page by tapping the Verify Account button:

Step 1 – you will be directed to the phone number verification web page.

Select your country code and enter your phone number and hit Send me code. We’ll send you an activation code right away. If you haven’t get one, there is an option to resend it:

    Step 2 – verification of your address is also required. Please fill in all fields here and provide your address:

Note, the information you provide during the verification process will be displayed in your account profile and your TRASTRA card will be delivered to this address.

When all is completed, to continue the procedure, please click on the button Next (it will be active when all fields are done).

Step 3 – you will be required to verify your personal information. Here you need to upload your documentation.

Please select a type of ID.

A field to upload the document will be activated. Please attach the document to prove your name and date of birth by tapping the Upload document option.

When all is completed, to continue the procedure, please click on the button Next.

Step 4 – passing a liveness check. Please click the Start button and follow all the instructions.

Move closer or move back if it’s needed.

Press Next button after successful face capture.

After passing all the steps you will receive a message that your documents are on review.

Please wait for a few minutes till our system makes all the checks and informs you about the results.

In case if you didn’t pass the check, our system will inform you about it and describe the reason for rejection. You can press the button and try to upload the documents one more time.

If you are getting a rejection message, please read the article here.

After that, you’ll get a notification message about successful account verification. You can go back to the main account dashboard. The status of your TRASTRA account will be changed to “Verified”.

The details about how long the procedure lasts you can find here. It usually takes about 15 minutes but sometimes it may take up to 2 days.

You can also verify your account using the TRASTRA applications for iOS and Android. See here how to pass verification via mobile application.


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