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How to freelance and earn bitcoins

The world around us is changing swiftly and so are the ways in which we operate. Once considered a risk, cryptocurrency is now looked as a lucrative currency option. From being a new kid on the block to now becoming one of the most coveted currencies, cryptocurrency has come a long way. The value of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, & Litecoin is consistently on an upward trajectory.

In the same manner, people who considered desk jobs as a safe bet are now venturing into the open market and working as freelancers. The freelancing world is a great place to get your talent showcased and charge your worth as opposed to working for a fixed salary. More and more young professionals are becoming freelancers by working on their own terms.

One of the best aspects about freelancing is that you can choose the payment method you think is best for you. You don’t have to rely on paychecks through ACH; you can choose to get paid with cryptocurrency and cash out via a crypto card. If you are a freelancer or an employer from an EEA country, it is even easier for you to transact using crypto, as there are many platforms that can enable this transaction.

One such reliable option is Trastra where your Trastra crypto wallet is linked to your Trastra Debit CArd. Depending on whether you are an employer or an employee, you can choose to pay or get paid using the Trastra card and exchange cryptocurrency to Euros and vice versa. A Trastra card works pretty much like a normal Debit card, but it will enable you to cash out crypto to Euros, which you can withdraw in an ATM. You can transact with a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Here are some freelancing websites where you can get paid in crypto. You can use your Trastra visa card as a salary card and cash out crypto earned from your freelancing gig.



Blocklancer is a platform that connects freelancers with employers who are looking for part time gigs and would prefer to earn in cryptocurrency. The crypto of their choice for payout is Ethereum.


Whether you offer services such as writing, translation, animation, online marketing, programming and coding or music and tech, you can find a lot of gigs on CryptoGrind. They offer freelancers the option to choose from getting paid in fiat currency or Bitcoins that can be cashed out with a bitcoin debit card.


This platform offers you freelancing assignments related to installing mobile apps, online promotion offers, affiliate marketing and answering questions posted by users. The payout is done in Bitcoin, which you can withdraw at ATMs with a Bitcoin Debit card like the Visa Trastra Card.


Bitfortip is a unique micro freelancing platform that offers you a chance to earn Bitcoins by answering questions posted by other users. You get paid a specific pre-decided amount if your answer is satisfactory.


This is a great platform for someone who gets to earn crypto when they learn about crypto. A freelancer can earn by filling out surveys, installing mobile apps and watching promotional content about various crypto platforms. Every time you learn and engage with different cryptocurrency platforms, you get paid in that particular cryptocurrency.

If you are a freelancer and want to earn in cryptocurrency, you can sign up with the platforms mentioned above and choose a gig that you think matches your skillset. Once you get paid, you can link your earnings with your Trastra card and exchange crypto to euros easily.

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