How Do Crypto Referral Programs Work?

Cryptocurrency referral programs or partner programs are one of the latest streams of passive income. If you have a significant online presence on social media, website, blog, or anything else on the web which can attract visitors, it's time to capitalize on this presence. A referral program pays a commission whenever you send paying customers their way.

The crypto referral programs offer rewards based on two systems. They either offer a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) scheme or Net Revenue Share (NRS) option. Under the CPA scheme, you will be paid a one-time fee for every referral sent to the referral site. According to the NRS option, you earn a share in every monetary transaction made by the customer on the referral’s site during a predefined period. The greater are the number of transactions performed by a customer, the higher is the commission earned.

Crypto referral programs are ideal for miners, freelancers, bloggers, digital nomads, online traders, and anyone with an online presence in the crypto space. Unless you are selling a specific product or service, making a living from an online source such as a website, blog, YouTube channel or social media profile is an uphill battle. You can monetize the online content created by selling advertising space on your website, blog, and such. Apart from this, you can also sign up with a crypto referral program to increase your earnings.

A quick Google search will give a list of referral programs. Unless you do the required research and groundwork, the chances of choosing one of the top referral programs reduce. Here are some considerations you can use.

While choosing a crypto referral program, carefully go through the terms and conditions of the said platform. Never opt for a platform that isn’t transparent about its policies or charges a registration fee for the referral program. Depending on the program you choose, their legal terms, considerations, and payment structure will vary. Earn bitcoin or fiat currency by leveraging online portals in the crypto space.

TRASTRA Referral Program

One of the best crypto referral programs is offered by TRASTRA. From an incredibly simple registration procedure to excellent rewards and round the clock support service, TRASTRA’s referral program offers several benefits. Its transparent policy structure coupled with fixed rewards and commissions make it a well-rounded referral program. TRASTRA offers crypto cards that can be used to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies to Euros and vice-versa.

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For every TRASTRA card that’s activated using your referral link, you gain 5 EUR. An additional commission of 7%* of crypto sell-exchange transactions made by the referral user is payable for 6 months after activation. Register yourself on TRASTRA, log into your account, go to the Dashboardà Rewards, and you will find the referral link. This link can be shared on all social media platforms, email blasts, and in any other form of electronic communication.

Whenever a visitor clicks on this referral link and performs a transaction on TRASTRA’s website, you get the reward. Your ability to earn money from referral programs depends on the number of referees you make. If you want to make money by leveraging your online presence, TRASTRA offers one of the best referral programs compared to other cryptocurrency card issuers.

* 6.89% from exchange commissions

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