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What is the Ripple destination tag and where do I find it?

A destination tag is a 1-10 digit number unique to each hosted wallet. This extra piece of information works as a wallet address, and should be included when sending a Ripple transaction.

When you wish to exchange XRP to fiat money and transfer it to a TRASTRA card, there is no need for a tag.

Let’s say it’s like a phone number and extension. Basically, a tag can be considered an extension to your Ripple address.

Where to find one

The destination tag for your TRASTRA wallet can be found in your Ripple wallet (see Figure 1-1). There will be a Ripple wallet address that has a “?dt=1-10-digit number” added at the end.

Figure 1-1: Destination tag in a TRASTRA XRP Wallet

Or, it will look something like this:


You will need to copy the address and destination tag separately without “?dt=” (Figure 1-2):

Figure 1-2: Wallet address and destination tag while sending XRP

Always be sure to include the correct destination tag before sending your XRP funds. Unfortunately, all cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, and TRASTRA will not be able to refund such transactions.