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What are the benefits of cryptocurrency wallets from TRASTRA?

The main benefit of TRASTRA multiple crypto wallets is their security. And we care about the security of your funds in many different ways:

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication) keeps your account secure from any unauthorized access. You can find out how to enable 2FA from our articles.
  • Confirmation Emails guarantee that no one will perfom any account activities (either exchange transactions or withdrawals, etc.) without your knowledge. Your account is linked to your email and all information concerning the account, card, wallet or anything fund-sensitive, confirmation emails will be sent directly to an email address you provided in the TRASTRA account. Moreover, we recommend you to use strong passwords, and they have to be different for your TRASTRA account and your personal email.
  • Encrypted data. Databases, wallets, passwords – all important data passed between TRASTRA servers and third parties is encrypted properly. We use 2048-bit SSL encrypted connection that guarantees your data is absolutely safe while using our services.

Please notify us immediately of any unauthorized access to your account or email, or any other breach of security by email: [email protected].