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How do I send funds from my TRASTRA Crypto wallets to an External Wallet?

Sending crypto from TRASTRA to external wallets is elementary. We’ll take the steps with you to help you set up a transfer.

1. Log in to your TRASTRA account and select the option “Send Funds”:

TRASTRA send funds first step

2. Choose your option:

TRASTRA wallet options

3. Enter the recipient’s crypto wallet address and the amount of crypto you wish to send. You’ll have an option to set your miner’s fee to “High” to speed up the transaction. If everything is satisfactory, click “Send”:

TRASTRA crypto recipient address

4. Go to your email inbox and find a confirmation email there. Just click on the link in the email to confirm the transaction. Otherwise, the transfer will expire and your transaction won’t go through.

Note: After you click on the confirmation link in the email you cannot change the transaction details or cancel it as it has already been sent to the Blockchain for completion. There is no option to refund the transaction. Please double-check everything before confirmation.

You can also send funds using the TRASTRA mobile app for iOS and Android.