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I didn’t receive a bank transfer. What should I do?

Before you make a bank/wire or SEPA transfer, please verify the following:

  • You entered the details correctly
  • Your country is in the SEPA zone (for SEPA transfers). The full list of the SEPA zone countries can be found here.
  • Your country has no any limitations/sanctions for making international transfers (for wire transfers).

The most common reasons why the payments may fail:

  • A transfer was made with wrong details (wrong account holder name or account number, etc.). In this case, the bank may take an additional charge for the transaction refund.
  • Please bear in mind, wire transfers (both SEPA and International) can be processed only in EUR.
  • If you used SEPA credentials for international bank transfers, please double check it with your bank.

If you have any issues with wire/SEPA transfers, please contact the sending bank directly and provide the details of your bank transfer for more information.