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How do I get verified with the TRASTRA Mobile App?

You’ve already signed up for so many things on the Internet, you may very well not remember them all. It’s because it’s easy: you fill in your email, create a password for your account and – voilà, you’re an active user of something. With TRASTRA, the initial stage is exactly the same. However, the important stuff comes after you’ve completed the initial procedure, in which you’re required to enter your email and tick a few boxes. You will notice soon enough that even though you are already inside TRASTRA, to start using it (activate wallets, order the TRASTRA Visa debit card, buy and sell crypto etc.) you will have to verify your account:

TRASTRA dashboard get verified

TRASTRA account verification is the process of confirming your identity based on provided documents. After verification, you will be able to activate all seven available crypto wallets and order your TRASTRA Visa debit card. The reason we ask you to go through this is that TRASTRA is a regulated entity and compliance with the EU legislation is something we don’t take lightly.

The good news is, you can verify your account using the TRASTRA mobile app for iOS and Android. They’re both free to download and the whole thing takes less than 5 minutes, provided all your documents are in order and you know how to take a selfie properly. But in order to use your device for account verification with TRASTRA, you will first have to verify it also. Don’t worry, this basically means that you’ll have to click the verification link in your inbox – nothing you haven’t done before:

TRASTRA device verification email

Once that’s done, you can get the process started from anywhere in the app; almost anything you click will throw you back to the beginning of the verification procedure. There are four steps to it:

  • Phone number verification (Step 1);
  • Filling in your address (Step 2);
  • Document uploading (Step 3);
  • Liveness check (Step 4).

You can submit any document from the list (we’ll get to that a bit later). Let’s get started!

Assuming, you’ve already logged on to your freshly created TRASTRA account, go to your dashboard where you will see a handsome button “Continue to Account Verification.” Click it!

TRASTRA dashboard initial

Set up a fingerprint authentication if you want.

TRASTRA fingertip setup

Select language for the verification process:

TRASTRA language selection

Select the country in which the documents you intend to use for verification purposes are issued (further into the process, you’ll be asked to do this again. Please refer to the list of countries supported by TRASTRA. Please make sure that both times you select the same country):

TRASTRA country selection

Fill in your phone number:

TRASTRA phone number blurred

Click “Send me code” end enter the 4-digit SMS code:

TRASTRA verification code

Fill in your address (please be attentive, the address you indicate will be the shipping address for your TRASTRA Visa debit card, and you cannot change it yourself). Click “Next”.Verification address

OK, so far so good. Let’s upload your documents! Select the country of issuance and the type of document:

TRASTRA countries and document types

The application will ask for access to your camera, allow it.

TRASTRA allow access to camera

Make a photo of your document, make sure it is of proper quality and all the corners are clearly visible. Click “Accept”.

TRASTRA driver license

Take a selfie:

TRASTRA selfie

Done! As soon as your selfie is accepted by the system you’ll sess a screen:

TRASTRA final verification status

But remember, you’re not verified yet! If you attempt to activate a wallet or order the TRASTRA Visa debit card, the system will throw you a reminder screen:

TRASTRA final screen

So for now just sit tight and wait until our diligent robot gently goes through your information and gives you the good news. If that doesn’t happen and you’re rejected, the robot will tell you what the problem is. Correct the mistake and all will be fine: you’ll get a notification about successful account verification and the next time you log on, your account status should be changed to “Verified.” Congratulations, and welcome to the family!