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How do I send and add crypto with the TRASTRA Mobile App?

Other than display size and general convenience, there’s not much difference between sending crypto using TRASTRA mobile app for iOS and Android and the TRASTRA web interface. In both cases moving funds around is quick, easy, and fun. Here’s how sending crypto via our mobile app works:

1. Choose the wallet with crypto you need (use the slider):

TRASTRA app choosing the wallet

2. Select “Actions” and then “Deposit [crypto of choice]”

TRASTRA actions

3. You have a ton of options here: copy the crypto wallet address (copy to clipboard), or use a QR code scanner. Or hit “Buy Crypto” and use a conventional card to do so:

TRASTRA depositing funds

4. Done! Cryptocurrency will be transferred directly to your wallet, the balance will be updated automatically as soon as the transaction receives at least one confirmation from the network.

Sending crypto works pretty much the same way: choose a wallet, select “Send”[crypto of choice]” from the list of actions, enter the amount, enter the recipient’s wallet or use the QR scanner and hit “Send.” Easy-peasy!

The one thing that you definitely want to do is double-check everything before confirmation. Once you click on the confirmation link in the e-mail, you cannot change the transaction details or cancel it as it has already been sent to the blockchain for completion. Unfortunately, there is no option to refund the transaction.