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How do I get the transaction details in the TRASTRA Mobile App?

The TRASTRA mobile app allows you to keep track of your crypto and fiat transaction history and your main account activities by accessing your account activity log.

The whole activity history can be viewed on the general balance page once you log in to your account. To access the main dashboard, click on the Dashboard icon on the left side of the footer. See Figure 1-1:

Figure 1-1: Dashboard. Activity log

If you wish to see the activity log information separately, select one of the TRASTRA crypto wallet or EUR account you would like to view (using the upper slider) and scroll down for the details (Figure 1-2):

Figure 1-2: TRASTRA BTC wallet. Activity log

Tap on the activity/transaction to get all of the details, such as transaction ID, date and time of the transaction, amount, and etc.

If you have any questions regarding your account activities or have any issues, please contact our Support Team via email at  [email protected] or via live chat. We will be glad to be of assistance.