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How do I exchange funds with the TRASTRA Mobile App (video)?

With the TRASTRA Mobile App, you can instantly convert your cryptocurrency to euros and the other way around with just a few clicks.


Here are the steps:

1. Log in using your email or fingerprint:

TRASTRA app login screen

2. Choose the Crypto Wallet you need using the slider:

TRASTRA app choosing the wallet

3. Select “Actions” and then click “Exchange [your asset of choice]“:

TRASTRA actions

4. Enter the amount of transaction and click “Exchange

TRASTRA app enter the amount of transaction

5. Double-check the information and tap the Confirm transaction“:

TRASTRA transaction confirmation screen

6. Click Refresh

to check if the transaction is processed successfully or simply go back to Dashboard: you will see changes happening to your balance almost in real-time. Click “Support” if anything goes wrong.

TRASTRA app final confirmation

Done! Keep in mind that whatever asset you want to exchange, the process works the same way. Please, note: It might take from seconds to a few minutes for the exchanged funds to appear on your TRASTRA Payment card balance.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to ask our Support team via live chat or e-mail: [email protected].