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How can I change reference currency in the Mobile app?

Reference currency is the currency you use most often or that you’re most familiar with. It helps you to see your total crypto balance in one currency (USD/GBP/EUR), so you can easily manage your balances and transactions.

Here is how it works in the TRASTRA Mobile App:

  1. Log in to your TRASTRA account.
  2.  Choose the More option in the bottom right corner of the dashboard (three horizontal dots). Figure 1-1:

  3.  Click on your Profile Settings option and choose the reference currency you want (USD/GBP/EUR),   (Figure 1-2):

From the main dashboard in the Mobile app, you can monitor current buy and sell rates for crypto and pick the cryptocurrency type you are interested in. Check out Figure 1-3, 1-4, and 1-5:

TRASTRA mobile app is now available for IOS and Android.