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How do I find my PIN-code from TRASTRA Payment card?

Your personal PIN-code is the secret code that is required when using your card while cash withdrawal from ATMs and also for making purchases.

For security purposes never share this number with anyone.

You can access your PIN-code after TRASTRA Payment card activation only.

A guide on how to activate TRASTRA Payment card can be found here.

Once your card is activated, please receive (view) your card’s PIN code by this way:

  1. Locate the Cards section on the main dashboard and tap there. A pop-up with two options will appear (Figure 1-1):

Figure 1-1: Pop-up with a PIN request

  1. Click on the Get Pin button on the pop-up and there will be a request for providing your 3- digits CVV code from the card. Fill in the field with the CVV and tap Confirm (Figure 1-2):

Figure 1-2: CVV field request for receiving a PIN

  1. Once the correct CVV code is provided, you can view your personal PIN-code (Figure 1-3):

Figure 1-3: Pop-up with a PIN

You can also view your PIN code on the applications for iOS and Android.

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