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Why are we asking for Proof of Funds?

As you know, the European anti-money laundering directives (AMLD) are designed to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing and build a consistent regulatory environment across the EU. With this intention alone, we ask you to provide a statement of confirmation of your income source to establish a lawful nature of your past and present fiat/crypto transactions and business activities.

Please note that TRASTRA is indeed a regulated entity, and since money laundering dominates the list of growing concerns for EU-regulated companies, our common interest dictates that TRASTRA doesn’t get fined, penalized, or otherwise sanctioned for EU regulations breaches. We view compliance as something that can enable rather than hinder our business practices. Staying focused on managing this increasingly complex area is TRASTRA’s way of reducing risk for ourselves and our clients. Please, read this blog post to find out more about the reasons and logistics behind Proof of Funds in the EEA