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Capturing Document Images Best Practices

Document verification works best if you follow these general quality standards:

  1. Place your ID on a dark and plain surface that contrasts the color of the ID to clearly detect edges.
  2. Avoid any skewing. The image should not be skewed.
  3. The device should be held directly above the document covering 85% of the overall image. Try not to shake the device when you are taking the image of the document. The image should be well-focused and non-blurry.
  4. Ensure all 4 corners of the document are visible and no edge is cut off.
  5. Remove any opaque objects that obstruct visibility (for example, hands). The document must be clear and flat without external visibility of any objects.
  6. Ensure no shadows or holographic reflection are captured in the ID image. Keep in mind that shadows of your hands and body will be projected on the document when you capture it against the light. Normal daylight or a well-lit room is ideal.
  7. Most documents have only one page that needs to be captured, for example, Passport Bio page. However, some documents are double sided, for example, a Biometric Residence Permit. If you need to capture both sides (front and back), each side must be a separate image.
  8. JPEG is recommended but PNG is also acceptable with maximum file size: 5MB per image.

Please find here what documents you need to upload during account verification.