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What is TRASTRA Multiple Crypto Wallets?

A mobile crypto wallet is software for storing private keys to all your crypto assets. It is encrypted with a password-protected from unauthorized access. BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, USDC, and USDT wallets can be created manually from your TRASTRA account after successful verification. More information can be found here. You can also use your TRASTRA Multiple Crypto Wallets on the applications for iOS and Android.

Every crypto wallet has a Public Address and Private Key. You can share your Public Address with anyone. There is no need for your correspondent to have any additional information about you – all they need is your Public Address to send crypt to your wallet.

Your Private Key, on the other hand, is the one thing you must protect. If ill-doers have your Private Key, they can steal all your cryptocurrency. And just like an email, once the funds have been sent, it is a one-way trip. The only way to get your crypto back would be if the recipient would send it back to you voluntarily.

With TRASTRA, your Private Key is your password to your TRASTRA account.

Here’s how your wallets look in our web interface:

TRASTRA wallets for seven major cryptocurrencies

A public wallet address can be seen in your wallets directly (separately from the Bitcoin wallet and separately from other crypto wallets).

TRASTRA option to deposit crypto


Important: We urge you to keep your TRASTRA account password safe and never share it with anyone. If your email address is hacked, please contact our Support Team as soon as possible to avoid any unauthorized access. We’ll temporarily block your account without delay to prevent any chance of unauthorized transfer.

Follow all the rules and our multi-level security protocol will do the rest to keep your private information secret.