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Frequently asked questions about documents required for verification

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Requirements for a copy of your ID
  3. Proof of Adress
  4. Proof of Address Requirements
  5. Important

In order to verify your TRASTRA account, it is required to confirm your Personal Information and Residential Address.


Submit one of the following types of documents:

  • Passport
  • National ID card (both sides)
  • Driving license
  • Residence permit

Note that the document has to be issued by one of the EEA countries.

Additional documents can be requested by the compliance team for ID verification:

  • Certificate of residency (not older than 3 months), both sides
  • Government-issued documents with your photo

Requirements for a copy of your ID:

  • It must contain your photo, date of birth, a serial number, MRZ-code, and the expiration or validity date. (Paper ID document with old format without MRZ-code [e.g. Greek, Italian and etc.] are also supported)
  • It must be valid for another 3 months.
  • It must be written with Roman-alphabet letters (for documents which use non-Roman-alphabet characters such as Arabic or Chinese, a certified translation into English is required).


In some cases, we may require a proof of address document to prove your residence address. It could be:

  • Utility bill (not older than 60 days/2 months);
  • Certificate of residency (not older than 90 days/3 months);
  • Bank/credit card statement of your current account (stamped as a true copy by the issuing bank);
  • Tax return or council tax bill (dated within the last 12 months);
  • Other government-issued residential statements/certificates.

Proof of address requirements:

  • Should be with the applicant’s name or the family name (subject to management’s decision). It is strictly forbidden to use any other name than your own.
  • Should be the same address and postal code that you provided during registration.
  • Should be stamped by the issuing authority (except the utility bills).
  • We do not accept cell phone bills.
  • P.O. BOX address is not an acceptable form of a delivery address.


  • All documents must be written with Roman-alphabet letters or include a certified translation.
  • Please make sure the image is in high quality, unobstructed and is not cropped. The image must show a full document page.
  • Upload a scan or photo of your document. We do not accept screenshots.
  • Scan each document separately and include both sides. Where a document has stamps, seals or text on both sides of the page then both sides must be scanned.