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About Referral Program TRASTRA

You can get rewards for Telling about TRASTRA:

  • 10 EUR – for each card activation
  • 0.2% – from сrypto sell exchange volume (with a 6-month time cap for referral and negotiable at later stages based on volume)

How to view the monthly statistics?

For web users:

  1. Open Rewards section in the Dashboard
  2. Select Total tab or open the tab for any month

About Referral Program TRASTRA Total Rewards

How to share the referral link?

For web users:

  1. Log in to Dashboard and open Rewards section.
  2. Copy the referral link.
    About Referral Program TRASTRA Referral Link
  3. Paste the link in social media, send by email, post on a website.

For App users:

  1. Log in to TRASTRA App (iOS/Android)
  2. Open Rewards Section
    About Referral Program TRASTRA Rewards Section
  3. Share the link in social media, send by email etc.
    About Referral Program TRASTRA Rewards Section Share

How does it work?

You bring new users who register with TRASTRA with your unique Referral link. You get a reward as soon as they activate the ordered card.

You help increase our brand awareness – you get a profit!

What kind of users can you bring?

Our card is useful for those who want to spend crypto on a daily basis. Those are people who own different amounts of crypto and wish to convert and spend it as Euro. The list includes miners, traders, gamers, freelancers, and digital nomads earning crypto. We are also targeted on educational channels and communities, as well as businesses providing their employees with crypto payments.

Compliance Terms & Regulations:

Please note that for successful verification on the platform, your referral subscribers must be residents of the EEA (European Economic Area) and have a valid ID within the EEA zone, in order to meet compliance and AML regulations. Please note that all the terms and conditions, rewards, benefits for referred and referring users are reflected on TRASTRA web-page. If a referring user promises any additional rewards, benefits, terms and conditions not mentioned on TRASTRA web-page or shares her/his referral link in any misleading manner or fraudulently, it does not create any obligation for TRASTRA, and TRASTRA is entitled to terminate the referral link of such referring user and skip payment of any referral rewards to such referring user.