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Steps to verify your TRASTRA account and upload documents

TRASTRA account verification is the process of confirming your identity based on provided documents. After verification, you will be able to activate seven crypto wallets (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, USDC, USDT) and order your TRASTRA Payment card. The full list of documents necessary for a successful verification procedure can be found here. Here’s a quick guide on how to upload documentation to pass verification successfully.

Please log in to your TRASTRA account or create an account if you don’t have one yet.

TRASTRA account creation

Confirm your email

TRASTRA activation account

Here’s your inbox:

TRASTRA gmail confirmation

When opened, our message will look like this. Follow the link to confirm your email:

TRASTRA gmail open

Hey, you’re in! Still, the process is not over yet, but your Dashboard is already available to you

TRASTRA welcome screen

X out of the Welcome banner and go you your account Dashboard. At this point, whatever button you push, the system will throw you back to verification:

TRASTRA account verification

First, let’s get your phone number verified. Select your country code, enter your phone number, and hit Send me code. We’ll send you an activation code right away. If you haven’t gotten one, there is an option to resend it:

TRASTRA phone verification

Enter the 4-digit verification code:

TRASTRA verification code

Select your language:

TRASTRA language selection

Start filling in the good stuff:

TRASTRA address card

Select the country of issuance of the type of state ID you are going to be using. Select the type of ID:

TRASTRA state ID country of issuance

Once you begin uploading your document, we suggest you switch to mobile, although if you have a decent webcam and mad selfie skills, feel free to stay on the web interface:

TRASTRA switch to mobile

Upload your preferred document. Make sure it’s as legible as possible;

TRASTRA drivers license upload


TRASTRA DL cannot be read

Take a selfie. Follow all on-screen instructions:

TRASTRA selfie

That should do it!

TRASTRA end of verification

If you are getting a rejection message repeatedly, please read the article here. Here are some more helpful tips on passing the verification procedure quickly and with as little pain as possible. Please note that even though we’re doing our best to speed things up and get you verified within minutes, verification may take up to 2 days in extreme cases. You can also verify your account using TRASTRA mobile apps for iOS and Android.