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How to send BCH to an external wallet?

Sometimes people are confused about how to send BCH to an external wallet. The first thing you need to know is that TRASTRA only supports withdrawals to wallets written in Legacy format. If you try to enter a CashAddr wallet address, you will get an error message “Invalid BCH wallet address. Please try again”


CashAddr is a newer format that is becoming more popular, but it is not yet supported by all wallets. CashAddr format starts with “bitcoincash:********”
The Legacy format looks like the usual BTC wallet address.

Fortunately, there is a tool you can use to convert the wallet address to another format, just follow this link and fill in your CashAddr address. 





When the address is converted to the Legacy format, you can copy it and paste it to the proper field in your TRASTRA app to perform a transaction. There is no need to worry about the fact that one address in different formats does look not the same way because they are interchangeable and related to one wallet.

Anyway, we recommend you to send a minimum amount first to check if everything works correctly.