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How to disable OTP?

OTP (one-time password) is an automatically generated SMS code that is required each time when you log in to the account or need to confirm an exchange transaction/SEPA transfer (if the amount is more than 50 euros).

However, you can replace OTP with PIN/Face ID/Fingerprint if you use TRASTRA mobile app. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your mobile app with OTP and locate the “More” section (with the 3-dots icon).
  2. Open the “Security” tab and choose the option that you prefer (PIN/Face ID/Fingerprint) or that your device allows.












Once the new settings are enabled, you don’t need to get an SMS code for usual activities.

Currently, it is not possible to disable/replace OTP for the web application, but we are working on a new solution.