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Gift Cards you Can Buy with Crypto

Dear Friends, we have collected 5 merchants providing gift cards.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: What 10K Bitcoins are Worth NOW

Today crypto community celebrates 10th anniversary of the most expensive pizza order in history. The one that was paid in Bitcoins.

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Tour The World Using Crypto

Tourist services which accept Bitcoin to pay for travelling tours, airline tickets, guide services and booking hotels are gaining popularity. In this article we look at three more travel agencies, where anyone can book a tour or a vacation with digital money.

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11 Celebrities Who Love Crypto

Gone are the times when Bitcoin was synonymous with illicit activities. Today's celebs of all stripes are turning on to what used to be the obscure money of choice for the internet’s dark places. The number of real crypto-enthusiasts among both A-listers and rank-and-file celebrities is growing rapidly so we’ve compiled a list of rich and famous who are really into cryptocurrency. They use crypto cards and Bitcoin wallets and are not afraid to tell millions of their fans about it.

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Make Money by Telling People About TRASTRA

TRASTRA is happy to announce that our Referral Program is open to all our users! Get a card yourself, test it, check it - then tell a friend. 5 Euro for each card activation! We continuously provide rewards to clients who are growing and telling their community about TRASTRA - thus helping us boost our awareness as a brand.

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What Do People Spend Crypto On?

We’ve come a long way from shunning cryptos to a world where it is finally becoming an accepted form of payment. We are one step closer to the mainstream adoption of digital currencies. For now, however, it is definitely possible to make most of your transactions through bitcoins for groceries, accessories, food and entertainment.

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Crypto Series: What to Watch During Quarantine

The problem that most people around the world are experiencing these days is how to spend time. So if you’re looking for a way to tackle boredom and at the same time you’re a crypto fan, here is a list of series to watch.

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Shop With Crypto Online In The Time of Social Distancing

Emergency online shopping is giving a boost to online shopping, leading to unprecedented growth for a number of crypto payment processors. Bitcoin payments become more desirable while there is a global crisis around the COVID-19 season. The ongoing spread of coronavirus has led many people to prefer staying home, and this has caused a massive destabilization of the traditional economy. However, as it often happens, if someone loses, someone wins. Thus, there are a number of benefits for companies from the online industry and for people who use crypto payments as well.

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The Top 10 Crypto Influencers in 2020

We’ve made a list of the best blockchain influencers you should follow on Twitter or any other Social Network.

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Top 10 Bitcoin Books You Need to Read in 2021

Is anybody writing books (as in books) about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2021? We seriously doubt it. Everybody who is anybody in the space has long realized that blockchain, cryptography, and computation models with all of their numberless moving parts are an extremely niche subject.