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How Ripple Became the No. 5 Cryptocurrency in The World (Not Counting DOGE Coin)
Author: Anton Shmerkin

Currently, Ripple's FDMC is $159 billion - a 60% drop from the all-time high of $331 billion the coin recorded on Jan 4 2018. However, regardless of what we think of Ripple's current valuation and scandalous "ripples" that intrude the company's aura every once in a while, XRP and its bustling ecosystem are, undoubtedly, a booming success

Top Crypto Influencers and Key Opinion Leadres CryptoWorld
TRASTRA’s List of Top Crypto Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders to Follow in Q2, 2021
Author: Anton Shmerkin

For our Q2 List of Top Influencers in Crypto, Financial markets, Trading and Investing, we've decided to stay gender-neutral. Hopefully, you'll find our mix of beauty and brains both valuable and entertaining

TRASTRA is Giving Away EUR10 Worth of BTC

Rejoice, for TRASTRA is celebrating crypto by giving away EUR10 worth of BTC to anyone in the EEA (European Economic Area) who wants to adopt cryptocurrencies as a way of life!

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A Conversation with Hanna Petrova, TRASTRA COO
Author: Anton Shmerkin

I sat down with Hanna hours before she was supposed to go off on her well-deserved vacation. But Hanna Petrova, TRASTRA's "Employee Zero" - the very first hire by the founder, Roman Potemkin - is not easily swayed out of the COO mode by the promise of sandy beaches. Enjoy our sparkling conversation about Hannah herself, women in crypto, startup culture, and the future of TRASTRA

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Coinbase Direct Listing: All You Need to Know
Author: Anton Shmerkin

It's rather symbolic that the Coinbase public debut happened on the day that will most certainly become part of history for two other reasons: a quiet death of the fraudster-extraordinaire Bernie Madoff and Joe Biden's announcement about the US leaving Afghanistan for good on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.

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TRASTRA Story as Told by the CEO and Founder, Roman Potemkin (part 1)
Author: Anton Shmerkin

TRASTRA is an ideal tool for digital nomads, and the company's founder and CEO, Roman Potemkin, is the ultimate digital nomad. Based in Prague, he manages his coming-of-age startup on the fly with a gusto that can only be found in a true citizen of the world who feels very strongly about digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and, most importantly, his legacy in the Cryptoverse. I plucked Roman from his busy schedule for a two-hour long heart-to-heart about mobile banking, TRASTRA, crypto as a whole, and what the financial system of the future should be. Here's Part One of our conversation

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Are NFTs Dumb? You Bet. Are They Awesome? Absolutely.
Author: Anton Shmerkin

Before we begin, a fair warning: there's going to be a lot of bubble bursting, so if you dislike popping sounds, I suggest you move to a less controversial topic. Otherwise, sit tight and enjoy the tale of "irrational exuberance" taking over the world in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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TRASTRA/Bidroom Partnership: Important Step Towards Disrupting Travel Industry

We wonder if the numbers still stand: the travel industry is growing at a rate of 3,9% - faster than the global GDP (3,2%) - giving way only to manufacturing. Too soon? Well, the stats are pre-pandemic, and today nobody really knows when will the jolly giants like Travelocity, Expedia, Airbnb, and RoyalCarribean rise again. But whenever that happens, the problems with the travel industry as a whole are likely to persist. And the most protruding of them all is the number of intermediaries involved in every aspect of your moving from point A to point B.

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Invite your first friend to TRASTRA and you both can win 500 EUR in crypto!

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How Do Crypto Referral Programs Work?

Cryptocurrency referral programs or partner programs are one of the latest streams of passive income. If you have a significant online presence on social media, website, blog, or anything else on the web which can attract visitors, it's time to capitalize on this presence. A referral program pays a commission whenever you send paying customers their way.