Crypto And Blockchain Events: Autumn 2020

Cryptocurrency has grown on a decentralized blockchain network, but what exactly does this mean? Ever since their debut, the uses for cryptocurrency and blockchain have grown exponentially and individually. While crypto is being used for everything from daily transactions to trading and savings, the blockchain is being used in different industries from medicine to music and has a tremendous future.

In order to learn more about the applications for both crypto and blockchain, crypto events and blockchain events are being organized globally for people experienced in this field as well as those who want to learn about it. In this article, we will list a few of these events.

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Crypto Asia Summit Second Edition

Dates: September 28 – 29th, 2020

Place: Online (Global)

The Crypto Asia Summit Second Edition is a free online event with CEOs and Founders as the speakers; including Pēteris Zilgalvis, who is the Head of Digital Innovation and Blockchain, European Commission. This is a perfect space for people interested in learning about, networking with, or investing in the Asian crypto market.

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BIISUMMIT – The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

Dates: October 07th, 2020

Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The BIISUMMIT is one of the top events for Blockchain in the Middle-East. Thousands of attendees including Fortune 500 companies employees attend to network with investors to create long-term business relationships. It is a great platform for start-ups with innovative ideas that need help to push off the ground.

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Blockchain World Forum Euro 2020

Dates: October 29th – 30th, 2020

Place: London, United Kingdom

The blockchain world forum is an interactive platform for entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, etc. to talk about the opportunities in blockchain and overcoming any hurdles along the way. You will learn in detail about the intricacies that go into blockchain and the industries and sectors it has the most potential in,  including legal, financial, insurance music, government, and much more.

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Cryptocalypse 2020

Dates: November 25th – 30th, 2020

Place: Kemer, Turkey

Cryptocalypse is a very unique crypto conference and one you should attend if you want to hear from some of the big names in the crypto world. Here, you will learn from the Creators, Founders, Co-Founders, CEOs, and Consultants of major companies such as Binance, Ripple, Litecoin, Coinbase, Ethereum, and many more. Some of the topics this year include the predictions for crypto in the near future, Tokenization, Investments, financial aspects, law, and much more.

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UK Blockchain Conference 2020

Dates: November 24th, 2020

Place: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

The Blockchain Conference held this year in the U.K. is a place where top keynote speakers help individuals who are new to this industry with insights and understanding into the world of blockchain technology. This is the best place to network, build strong business relationships, and seek investors in the field. It is a huge event with over 3000 delegates, and a must-visit if you want to learn the foundations of blockchain. 

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The world of crypto is not just about amassing digital currency like Bitcoin Cash, etc. There are many purposes for cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the future. Both of them have a world of possibilities on their own. If you want to learn more or even take it to the next level or just need some questions answered, you will benefit from attending such blockchain or crypto meetups. It will open your eyes to a much bigger world of application, networking, and the world future.

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