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Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. It’s fast, cost-effective, secure, and can handle an unlimited number of transactions per second, doesn’t have any fees or expiration dates, and is the only digital currency that allows for true microtransactions.

Buy BCH on TRASTRA with just a regular credit or debit card today!

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How to buy BCH with credit or debit card on TRASTRA

The first step in buying Bitcoin Cash with a credit card online is to verify your personal and billing information. This is a required step when making any type of transaction on TRASTRA. Your data will be confirmed in roughly 5 minutes on average.

You can begin your exchange activity almost instantly and without any privacy concerns: and private information is safe with TRASTRA! You may buy BTC online and use a variety of credit or debit cards for this transaction. TRASTRA also accepts bank transfers (SEPA/Swift) and IBAN payments.


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TRASTRA – the best place to buy BCH with credit card

Fast. TRASTRA’s world-class architecture for both mobile and web-based trading can process orders at lightning speeds. This guarantees a rapid and secure crypto trading experience. Simple.

Crypto trading on TRASTRA is simple and intuitive. To buy Bitcoin Cash quickly, you only need to follow a few simple steps. Safe & Reliable. We have the trust of hundreds of thousands of crypto users in the EEA and all around the world.

Our state-of-the-art security protocol protects your account 365/24/7. TRASTRA supports some of the most important cryptocurrencies to date: BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP, ETH, USDT, and USDC.


Our options to buy BCH

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Purchase Bitcoin Cash with bank transfer Make large Bitcoin Cash purchases with SEPA bank transfers and deposit EUR funds with your IBAN account number.

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Purchase BCH with card Enjoy a convenient BCH buy: credit card and TRASTRA debit card options are available. Use your card for instant Bitcoin Cash purchases.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash with mobile app Use TRASTRA mobile app to buy and exchange BCH in just a few clicks. The transaction’s confirmation takes several minutes.

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Purchase Bitcoin Cash with the help of TRASTRA wallet TRASTRA wallet enables easy-to-perform buying, receiving, exchanging, and depositing operations. Use your crypto wallet for BCH debit card or credit card transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of TRASTRA wallet, you can buy BCH Bitcoin Cash with credit card or debit card in a few easy steps. Create your free account, choose to purchase Bitcoin Cash, undergo straightforward verification, and instantly receive BCH to your wallet. Buy USD Bitcoin Cash with credit card you use, whether it’s MasterCard or Visa. 

Or order your TRASTRA debit card for Bitcoin Cash purchases in a few easy-to-follow steps. First, log in to your TRASTRA account. Ensure that you have a sufficient number of crypto funds in your multiple crypto wallets. Then, order the card, confirm spending standard fees, verify the shipping address. After that, select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with. Finally, expect your TRASTRA debit card delivery within 7-10 shipping days.

You can buy Bitcoin Cash with debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. Use wire transfers or SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers to make the purchase. IBAN bank transfers are possible only after you receive and activate your TRASTRA debit card. SEPA bank transfers are possible only for SEPA zone countries (European Union and the UK).

Our partners’ infrastructure supports all major payment methods. So you can buy USDT with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or in any other convenient way. All you need to do is to choose the desired payment option in the payment cards list. Note that Apple Pay is supported by Safari browser only.

TRASTRA offers a comprehensive way to add and send Bitcoin Cash to multiple crypto wallets. First, you must enter your account, select BCH, and copy its address to the clipboard. Next, transfer crypto funds to the generated address. The other wallet’s balance will be topped up with BCH as soon as the confirmation succeeds. We at TRASTRA are also currently working on enabling our users to make IBAN transfers to external accounts. You will send funds to other people’s accounts using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) within the European Union and the UK.   

TRASTRA enables any operations related to buying, selling, exchanging, and trading cryptocurrency. Trading BCH is an easy-accessible transaction for users with a TRASTRA account. First, check the BCH calculator with the most popular pairs, amounts, and currencies to trade BCH, and estimate Bitcoin Cash’s current value. Then, choose a cryptocurrency pair (BTC/ETH), enter the desired amount, and get the chosen coins to your wallet.

TRASTRA is a trusted blockchain banking platform with more than 10-year experience in the field. We provide our users with various services related to cryptocurrency online banking. Any transactions related to personal funds require an advanced level of security. TRASTRA guarantees its community safe and stable services, an accelerated payment system, and responsive support.

TRASTRA doesn’t require KYC or ID verification for buying Bitcoin Cash or any other cryptocurrency. It makes your transactions anonymous and secure. When making a Bitcoin Cash credit card purchase, you will only need to enter basic personal information. Verification is performed by a 3-domain secure tool verified by Visa. You just fill in the password or a code sent to your phone to get your purchase confirmed.

TRASTRA enables its community members to use seven different types of cryptocurrency in their accounts. Besides Bitcoin Cash (BCH), you can also buy USD Coin (USDC), another popular stablecoin. In addition, you can buy or exchange traditional cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Cash (XRP).

You can receive funds in BCH or the other cryptocurrency from anyone to your TRASTRA crypto wallet. The payments are conducted with the use of TRASTRA multiple crypto wallets or via a wire transfer. To send or receive Bitcoin Cash, you can also use TRASTRA applications for iOS and Android. To receive transfers from another person’s bank account, activate your card in the Deposit Funds section and verify your IBAN account. Sending and receiving funds with TRASTRA is easy, convenient, and secure.

Receiving your salary in stablecoin like BCH can be highly beneficial. This option will be best for those who don’t want to risk getting paid with traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, as they may fall in value. In contrast, Bitcoin Cash and other stablecoins are backed by assets like the U.S. dollar or other fiat currencies. You can get your salary in Fiat-backed stablecoins easily and securely by using your TRASTRA account.

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