Cash-out of Crypto with Ease and Order Food with Bitcoin 

Thanks to ‘the new normal,’ most of our shopping is done online. Social distancing calls for people to stay at home as much as possible and handle things remotely, which applies to not just shopping but even our workplace, educational institutions and socializing.

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You may be wondering, this blog is supposed to talk about cryptocurrency, but what does social distancing or the new normal have to do with cryptocurrency. The answer is, both social distancing and online payments using cryptocurrency were alien concepts a few months ago (ok, a couple of years ago for cryptocurrency but you get the gist) but now they are being adapted to make lives easier.

Due to the lucrative nature of cryptocurrency, many people invested in cryptocurrency. The only problem was it wasn’t as readily accepted as cash or fiat currency. Earlier it was difficult to spend cryptocurrency at retail stores due to the numerous regulatory and technical difficulties, but that is no longer an issue. The world has finally changed its outlook towards cryptocurrency and many businesses have started considering it as a viable transaction option.

Unlike cash, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoins are not physical currencies. However, you can easily transfer your cryptocurrency into a Visa debit card and use it to transact just like you use your normal currency. Platforms such as Trastra enable you to cash-out of crypto with ease with their crypto Visa debit card.

Trastra helps you to connect your crypto wallet to a Visa debit card. Your crypto debit card can be used in a similar manner as your regular debit card, without having to link it to a bank account. You can use it like any other debit card, which means you can make online purchases at all Visa merchants. It works best for users who get paid in cryptocurrency or have cryptocurrency and want to cash-out of crypto with ease.

You can swipe the Trastra Visa card at ATMs to withdraw Euros use it at shops to make purchases. Not only that, numerous restaurants and cafes now accept payment in cryptocurrency to deliver food so you can now buy food with crypto. So far, Starbucks, Whole Foods and other big retailers accept Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

If you want to buy food with crypto, you can use your Trastra card on any of these platforms.

Takeaway is one of the largest café and restaurant food delivery chains in Europe, which serves over ten European countries. Takeaway started accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment in Netherlands, which scaled well. This service became a success due to the flexibility it offered and customers could choose from numerous restaurants, and also pay using altcoins or Bitcoins alongside normal payment methods. So far Austrian, German, Swiss, Belgian and Dutch sites allow you to order food with Bitcoin using crypto debit card, with prospects of expanding in other nations.


Lieferando is a German fast food delivery application, which accepts payments through Bitcoins. Lieferando was one of the early players in the industry to allow people to order food with Bitcoin. This company, a subsidiary of, added Bitcoin as a payment method for its partner restaurants, which can be easily done with a crypto debit card.

This is one of Poland’s leading online food delivery app, and it was one of the pioneers to accept Bitcoins as a payment method. They started accepting Bitcoins from 2017, as it was easier to bypass intermediaries and banks thereby reducing limits, commissions and other factors and allow people to cash-out of crypto with ease.

Burger King

A Germany based Burger King outlet was the first in the franchise to allow people to order food with Bitcoin in 2019. However, this was not the first time the company supported the use of cryptocurrency. Burger King tried something similar in Russia in 2017, but they gave up due to a few regulatory issues. But thanks to the new changes, you can now use your Trastra powered crypto debit card to pay for a juicy burger.

As cryptocurrency infrastructure develops and grows every day, many cafes and restaurants are accepting cryptocurrency and enabling to buy food with crypto. Now is your time to order the Trastra Visa card, and start spending online. Before you know it, it will be your new normal.


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