Use Crypto to Pay Salaries

TRASTRA Business is a comprehensive solution for paying/receiving salaries in cryptocurrencies
TRASTRA card for business

We offer hassle-free low-fee solutions regarding crypto settlements to small and medium-sized businesses

Get your employees, contractors, and clients paid in crypto and enable them to exchange crypto for euros inside the TRASTRA app. Issue a TRASTRA Visa card to them so they may spend and withdraw fiat anywhere in the world at over 44 million locations.

TRASTRA card for business

Start paying salaries
in Crypto

Use crypto to pay your employees, clients, or partners
and offer them an easy way to cash out

Companies that have partnered with TRASTRA to increase their revenue:

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Advantages of TRASTRA:

TRASTRA salary card
TRASTRA business relationships

Monetise your Personal
and Business Relationships

Reveal the benefits of crypto to your trusted clientele
while creating an additional revenue stream for yourself