How Does Bitcoin Visa Work?

TRASTRA Buy Bitcoin

Good question. What makes our Visa crypto debit card the best is a secure Bitcoin wallet, lighting-fast Bitcoin to Euro exchange, Visa capabilities, and exceptional customer service. TRASTRA has it all.

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Steps to Take Before You Start Investing in Bitcoin

  • 1

    Download our mobile app and create your account.

    The app is an indispensable tool in your quest, and setting it up takes seconds

  • 2

    Download a 2-step verification app from the Google Play Store or App Store

    security of your funds and safekeeping of your personal information are our utmost priorities

  • 3

    TRASTRA is a regulated entity,

    so you will need to verify your account. Make sure that all necessary documents are in order

  • 4

    Set up a payment method on the platform.

    The free wallets for seven major cryptocurrencies supported by TRASTRA can be easily activated for you once you download the mobile app and verify your account.

  • 5

    Gather as much information as possible.

    Luckily, our knowledge base and customer service sages are at your service

  • 6

    0% headache buying Bitcoin on TRASTRA

    We encourage you to use the TRASTRA crypto debit card for all your crypto- and Euro-related needs as your regular bank card

  • 7

    Free upgrades

    Any new features added to our service will be provided to your users for free

Why Use the Visa-issued TRASTRA Crypto Debit Card to Buy Bitcoin

Convert BTC to EUR and EUR to BTC anytime, anywhere

No card load fee. No fees on purchases made in euros

Purchase Bitcoin at the lowest rates

Card connected to personal IBAN account to receive euros

Make purchases worldwide, anywhere Visa is accepted

Peace of mind with ‘instant card block facility’ in case the card is lost or stolen

TRASTRA’s Universal Value Proposition:

  • Visa crypto debit card with 8,000.00 € daily spending limit
  • Personal virtual IBAN to receive funds in EUR
  • Buy Bitcoin with your bank card or a bank transfer with zero fees
  • Pay with Bitcoin or Euros at over 46 million merchants worldwide
  • 5-layer security multi-sig system by BitGo, 2FA, SSL encryption, and device authorisation
  • Lucrative and verifiable business partnership programmes, easy API integration
  • Regulated financial technology company headquartered in London, UK

TRASTRA: Your trusted EU-Regulated partner

Trastra is an FCA-regulated financial technology company headquartered in London, UK

TRASTRA has so much to offer to both cryptocurrency beginners and seasoned pros with years of trading under their belts.

However, our special area of expertise are SMEs who are looking to incorporate crypto
into their business practices and start paying salaries and other types of wages in Bitcoin