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Today, many people are opting for part payments in crypto or a full crypto salary. This number will only increase in the future. When looking to spend their money though, not all establishments or companies take payments or transactions in cryptocurrency. If you are looking for crypto cards for business, then you need to have a TRASTRA card, which helps with the transition from Crypto to Euros and vice-versa.

But first,  let’s find out what is IBAN Account?

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What is an IBAN Account?

IBAN stands for an International Bank Account Number. This number is a standard international number that identifies any payments and bank accounts overseas. It consists of the country code (2 digits), 2 numbers, and finally followed by up to 35 alphanumeric characters. These characters are known as BBAN or Basic Bank Account Number. The number is used when transferring or wiring money from one bank to the other, across international borders.

This system was originally taken on by the ECBS (European Committee for Banking Standards and today is adopted by over 69 countries.


The new TRASTRA Account will be available to all new TRASTRA App users and web users across EEA countries. Existing users also will have IBAN soon. This account comes with an IBAN number with numerous advantages added to it. Euros can now be transferred directly to your TRASTRA wallet. The VISA TRASTRA debit card you have will work with both. You can convert crypto to Euros in real-time when swiping your card at any place. You can even withdraw Euros from any ATM with the cryptocurrency available in your account.

On the other hand, the IBAN account on TRASTRA can be used to convert the Euros available in your account directly to cryptocurrencies of your choice.

All this is done without the need of involving your local bank body.

Individuals, businesses, and companies who will be benefited from a TRASTRA IBAN account are:

Crypto – Salaried Professionals

People who receive a crypto salary or a Bitcoin salary in full or even in part will benefit from the ability to get Euro payments through their IBAN account. They can use their crypto directly in daily life by being able to swipe their cards or withdraw euros for daily living requirements. The fiat currency will be made available immediately and in real-time after converting it from the multi-currency wallet.

Euro – Salaried Crypto Enthusiasts

Those professionals who are currently being paid in Euros and want to make the switch to crypto will find it easier using this IBAN number. You can receive your salary in Euros and then convert it to a cryptocurrency of your choice using a few small clicks on the TRASTRA app or web. The speed and ease with which it is done can convert anyone who wants to move into crypto.

Legal Recreational Gamblers

People who gamble on legal platforms can cash out all their winning in either Euros, crypto or both using the IBAN number, a few clicks on the TRASTRA app and without the involvement of the local bank.


For small businesses, this card opens new doors, as it will be much easier to do business with and transact with businesses overseas with no additional transactional fees. Using the TRASTRA app, a business can receive as well as pay their clients and other businesses either in Euros or cryptocurrencies immediately and in real-time, using a few user-friendly steps, without the usual traditional bank, fiat currency fees.

TRASTRA IBAN Account for Employees

TRASTRA for employees glocally is highly recommended using the TRASTRA IBAN Account. Many individuals are seeing the benefits of being digital nomads. The future for the way work is conducted in the future is rapidly changing. The new system does not see problems with international borders, it does not see traditional 9 – 5 factory timings and it does not understand a traditional office cubicle. People who do not find jobs in their own saturated local markets or are looking for better opportunities in other countries can now be with their own families while reaping the benefits of international work.

For those working remotely or in another country, they can use the benefits of using crypto or Euros without transactional fees from traditional banks that cut out amounts as transactional or moving fees, all through the TRASTRA IBAN Account.

TRASTRA IBAN Account for Employers

As the Internet brings the world into your own backyard, businesses are able to scout for talent and skills in any part of the world without the need of having their person in a physical office near you. Employers are now able to get just the right people they need, from different parts of the world, sometimes at a fraction of the cost. Using TRASTRA for employers, they can now pay their international employees’ salaries through the IBAN Account. These salaries can either be paid out in Euros or in crypto, depending on their policies. Without the interference of the traditional banking system, the overseas fees are cut off as well.

Whether you are an individual or employee, TRASTRA with their new IBAN accounts has something for you. This includes free wallets, a free personal IBAN account linked to your card, a zero card order fee, a zero load fee and zero fees for either online or offline purchases in Euros. TRASTRA also allows you to use your IBAN account to buy cryptocurrencies at negligible fees. For Employers, TRASTRA allows you to make transfers to employees IBAN accounts, free of cost! TRASTRA currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. If you are looking for a Bitcoin card or a crypto card, it is a no brainer picking the TRASTRA payment card to get paid in crypto or to get paid in Bitcoin!

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