With crypto, the learning curve is always an issue, which is why we task ourselves with reconciling the relative complexity of even the most basic operations (exchanging assets, onboarding, KYC/AML, etc.) with the fact that more and more novices are getting into crypto lately. The result? A complete redesign of the TRASTRA crypto mobile app experience.

Indeed, even the tech-savvy among us may get stumped once or twice on the journey through the Cryptoverse. For that reason, we set out to redefine the TRASTRA mobile user experience with an even more straightforward, more modern interface. We completely reworked the whole application, the UI became more polished and intuitive, which makes us even more proud (if it’s even possible) of our product becoming more accessible to wider audiences. 

With the latest redesign, the TRASTRA’s user interface has changed dramatically. This time, having heard and documented all your suggestions, we went deep. Really deep. The goal was to create a benchmark of an intuitive mobile experience, and, dare we say it, we feel we passed the test with flying colours. 

  • Meet the new and improved TRASTRA crypto mobile app! We completely reworked the UI of the application, it became more polished and intuitive.
  • The dashboard has gone through a major makeover gaining new fonts, new styles and a shutter. From now on, you won’t have to scroll frantically while the card is on display. Instead, you can see more transactions and get a better view of each.
  • You get a brand new ‘Settings’ screen – a complete redesign of the entire user interface, including both visual and functional revamp of ‘Search’ with the addition of a calendar for more search options.
  • The Exchange flow is also brand new; exchanging assets in the app requires fewer actions.
  • Finally, the card ordering flow has been modified to simplify the process and speed things up.

In the Cryptoverse, there’s a real incentive to build products that users love. Yet many app builders often get lost in a drive towards maximising features and minimising cost (unfortunately, in the early days of the TRASTRA crypto mobile app, we have committed the same sin). The app flow is typically mandated by a tight group of stakeholders who are incredibly well-versed in the technology and genuinely passionate about their work. It’s invigorating to the extent of becoming almost addictive (in the best possible sense of the word) not to have to look back when you’re putting together the building blocks of creation. However, the danger lies in the gap between the end-users who may not have much say in the development process and product owners rushing to market. The gap widens – the user experience suffers enormously.

We have committed substantial resources to counter this persisting problem and took a long, hard look at the TRASTRA mobile experience to finally build a product that users at all levels actually love and want to use.

What makes the TRASTRA crypto mobile app genuinely intuitive, and why is it important to us?

Intuitive design is all about creating a product that is easy to understand and that people can learn to use quickly, with minimal instruction. It is imperative that TRASTRA is intuitive because of the context in which it is used.

The environment in which the TRASTRA mobile app is typically used can be incredibly stressful since it involves financial transactions, often in connection with investing (in itself a highly stressful vocation). Therefore, it is crucial that the interface is free of distractions and important information is surfaced clearly, especially because users often have to make time-sensitive and high-risk decisions based on the data shown within TRASTRA. 

The interface needs to be helpful and easy to use even for someone who is very tired or under a lot of pressure. We have worked hard to find a way to leverage modern technology and new UI techniques while still making our product easy to use. This involves finding a delicate balance between following familiar patterns and conventions and introducing new elements. Understanding who TRASTRA users are and what they are accustomed to is essential for creating an interface that is intuitive to them specifically.

How did we make TRASTRA crypto mobile app even more user-friendly?

Industry experience

The majority of the TRASTRA staff have worked within financial services and in the tech sector in the past, giving them a deep understanding of the space and the available tools. We are scratching our own itch in solving a problem that many members of the team have had to deal with themselves, so we are aware of what makes events so difficult and what kind of system we would want to use to solve this.

Internal use

We use TRASTRA to manage our own portfolios. As our team is constantly using the system they are building, we are in the unique position of having an inner feedback loop to identify user experience issues.

User involvement

We make a point of regularly gathering client feedback prioritising enhancements that are important to TRASTRA users. This focus results in a user experience that is constantly being improved and refined, with a significantly faster turnaround than our clients may be used to. This has the added benefit of reducing the load on our support team for common problems.

Rapid prototyping

Our development process is based on quickly iterating and testing ideas. For example, when building a new feature, we try to get it into the hands of a customer in a test environment as quickly as possible, even if it isn’t perfectly complete just yet. The goal is to surface potential usability bottlenecks early before too much development time is invested.

A design-led product

At TRASTRA, design is more than just a ‘skin’ on top of a set of features. Every feature is carefully architected within the overall application context rather than designed in isolation and simply “slapped-on”. This ensures that we build a holistic product, constantly adding new features without impeding user experience.