This December we are turning up the heat with the TRASTRA Race ?

A brand new, limited-time offer that will get you some cool cash during the festive season.

2X fun, 2X excitement, 2X rewards + bonus, and 1 more reason to invite your friends to TRASTRA!

Read on for more details:

  • Starting today our users can earn two times more by inviting their friends to TRASTRA. We are increasing our referral payout from 5 to 10 EUR worth of BTC.  Find the referral link in your TRASTRA App or a personal Web Dashboard on, share it with your friends, and earn 10 EUR once they order the TRASTRA Card*.
  • Get a bonus of 100 EUR in crypto every week if you lead the race by referring the highest number of friends to TRASTRA**.


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Come first in the race and get bonus crypto to spend for New Year. As the saying goes «Early bird gets the worm» get started now ?

The race leader will be announced every Tuesday, and the rewards will be transferred within 3 days of the announcement.

The Race ends on December 30. Stay tuned and follow the updates on our Social Media. 

Let’s Race. Ready, Steady, Go! ?

Terms & Conditions

Only users with verified TRASTRA accounts are eligible to participate in the TRASTRA Race. The number of referrals can be tracked by logging in to your TRASTRA account.

The regular referral payout equals 5EUR per activated card of a referee. The increased referral payout of 10 EUR is valid during the TRASTRA Race (02/12/2020 to 29/12/2020) only.

Weekly winners will be announced on December 8,  December 15,  December 22,  December 30. Winners will be contacted by email and based on their consent their details may be shared on TRASTRA social media channels. The payouts to weekly winners are made to their TRASTRA wallets in BTC by default. The winner can choose to be paid in a different cryptocurrency supported by TRASTRA: ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC. 

* The referral payouts are made in BTC at the beginning of the following month. E.g.The payouts for people who have ordered the card in December will be transferred to TRASTRA wallets at the beginning of January. 

** Minimum 5 referrals with card orders required to be eligible for the weekly prize.

The terms and conditions are subject to change.