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TRASTRA is Giving Away EUR10 Worth of BTC


The rules are as simple as opening your browser:

Tag TRASTRA on your social media with the tag #givemeBTC (feel free to share an existing post from our blog, we don’t mind!). Or simply DM us the tag #givemeBTC and get your free crypto!

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Voilà! Under no obligation from you whatsoever (as in “here, take it!”), we give you EUR10 worth of BTC. Go, explore, learn how to create a cryptocurrency wallet (we can help), buy, trade, or #hodl – the world is your oyster!

The idea for this giveaway is to nudge mass adoption of cryptocurrency a little bit. It’s a small step, but we hope that with our help, first-time users will get enough of the taste for crypto to join our community and be able to appreciate the tremendous benefits of decentralised finance.

For example, cryptocurrency has long become a popular means for cross-border remittances and Internet purchases. One other use that’s lately drawing attention to crypto is compensation packages based entirely on crypto. A good example here is MicroStrategy, one of the oldest and best-respected business intelligence firms that have made Bitcoin its primary treasury reserve. Michal Saylor, the firm’s founder, and CEO announced in a recent tweet that the board members will now be compensated in cryptocurrency.

There are far more ways to utilise crypto today than there were back in 2009, and using it for salary payouts is one of them. Even at first glance, this option seems like a prominent alternative for a digital nomad or a tech-savvy freelancer. Lower fees and high speed of crypto transactions would give the legacy interbank messaging system like SWIFT and other traditional payment systems a major run for their money.

There are drawbacks, though. The notorious BTC volatility is the main hurdle in adopting the “digital gold” as a unit of account, but when it comes to being a salaried employee, nothing beats USDC – a stablecoin that offers price stability and is backed by USD. There are also standing issues with taxing crypto salaries, but some of the best minds in the space are working on straightening the line between getting paid in crypto and having no quarrels with the state.

Granted, there’s a learning curve when it comes to adopting crypto to a degree when you no longer think of it as a different aspect of your life. Accepting new things seamlessly and selflessly comes at a cost, and with crypto, that cost is spending a few hours glued to your computer display. But I remember 1994 and my first COMPAQ computer making all kinds of beeps and squeaks every time I’d hit the wrong key or give the wrong command. But after a few days of grueling trial and embarrassing error, I was playing Solitaire and browsing on Netscape like a pro.

The point is, there may be a snag here and bump there whenever you want to deposit your crypto to a conventional current account, but overall the TRASTRA solution for those thousands of freelancers and business owners across the globe is elegant enough to change the wage paradigm. With us, you can get paid in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin cash (BCH), or Litecoin (LTC), use the mobile app for moving funds around, and, crucially, get payouts in EUR on your IBAN. When you dive deeper into crypto, you’ll discover what a huge deal this is: to be able to interoperate on the go with crypto and fiat, avoiding exchange fees and bank restrictions, depositing funds directly into recipients’ crypto wallets, or IBAN accounts.

In the meantime, hurry to your social account and share our content (hey, this post will be just fine!) to receive EUR 10 worth of BTC to get started in the Cryptoverse, and don’t forget to use the #GivemeBTC tag.

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