TRASTRA Halloween

Win Big With TRASTRA Halloween Giveaway!


That’s right, three lucky TRASTRA fans who will win our Halloween giveaway are going to receive 50 USDT each + a free TRASTRA crypto debit card, but this time it’s going to get dark. Make sure to execute on all 5 (five) following points before the 14th of November or NO USDT FOR YOU!

Here’s what you do:

  • Follow TRASTRA on Facebook (obviously). If you’re already with us, disregard this step.
  • Post a comment on Facebook with the scariest price you ever paid for any crypto.
  • Tag 3 (three) of your Facebook friends in that comment 
  • Get verified on and order a TRASTRA card with the promo code HALWIN50 – the code is your entry ticket to the giveaway! 
  • DM us on either Facebook or  LinkedIn,  Instagram,  Twitter  that you’ve completed the process 


That’s it. If you followed the instruction TO THE LETTER and survived, you can survive anything. Now just sit tight until we announce the results on November 17th.

We will assign the entrants’ individual numbers, put the data through a randomizer software, and make a video of the process to prevent evil spirits from giving TRASTRA a bad name. Once the winners are announced, we will transfer 50 USDT to their TRASTRA USDT wallets over the coming two weeks.

*You must be an EEA country resident to qualify for the giveaway
**TRASTRA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the giveaway based on market conditions

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