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The Best Crypto Trading Platforms



Kraken is one of the best trading sites there is. It is actually one of the top digital currency trading platforms in 2020 and makes trading very simple for beginners. A vast majority of people new to cryptocurrency and its trading flock to this platform for its insights, help, information, and great pricing plans. Client Support is available to address your needs round the clock, day, or night.

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BitMEX is known to be one of the busiest exchanges in the world of crypto. You can trade crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, amongst others, into fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, etc. 


The KuCoin trading Platform is very user friendly. It is one of the top platforms globally and has its own token known as the KuCoin Shares or KCS that is doing well so far. 


Coinigy has the option of allowing you to check your portfolio, evaluate it, and integrate it with external platforms as well. The price is very reasonable, and your security is protected by encrypting all of your data. Many of the biggest platforms worldwide support Coinigy. 

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Gemini is a platform meant to encourage the use of crypto trade. They provide you with low-risk options and have expanded into South East Asia as well. They have no minimum entry amount and prefer the use of offline wallets to enforce a higher level of security. The entry charges are also minimal.


Changelly is known for keeping your identity secure. You do not need to disclose any form of identity except for your email address. They are doing extremely well worldwide for their Bitcoin and other altcoin conversions. They have no minimum entry limit or maximum entry limit. This gives many people the incentive to want to invest even a small amount for a fraction of the risk, or just for the practice.


Poloniex is a platform that is doing well and growing steadily right now. One of the great things about this platform is the ability to change higher volumes of digital currency at a fraction of the trading fee in comparison to many other platforms in its field. To ensure security, most of the data is stored offline. They are a platform trying to increase the number of people who trade in crypto, to ensure that there is a boost for the digital currency financial revolution.

Knowledge is power! When it comes to trading cryptos, you must never stop learning. Well, you don’t have to look any further because is an excellent platform filled with all the information you will ever need about cryptos. It boasts of a global community network of crypto users. From offering independent reviews of cryptos and different trading platforms to tips and tricks for trading, buying and dealing with cryptos, there is a lot to discover there. 

People now are opting to exchange Bitcoin or exchange crypto for far more than just goods and services. People are now trading crypto-like stock, and as more people become aware of it, the more want to join. Many platforms allow you to choose your own rates or make detailed decisions beforehand, while many even offer real-time exchanges with reports, etc. In the article above, a few of the platforms that are doing well are highlighted. I hope you do your research on them and see which one would be the best fit for you on your own crypto trading journey.

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