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How Crypto Referral Programs Work in 2022


Even though there are plenty of great crypto referral programs out there, we like to think that what TRASTRA offers is the best. Don’t get us wrong, we want to be fair to our competition but the criteria for choosing the right program can be very confusing. However, with TRASTRA, the program outlines clear benefits for both referrer and referee, and the entire ecosystem is designed to accommodate even the pickiest of crypto enthusiasts. Just see for yourself.

TRASTRA Referral Program

With us, you don’t have to look through tons of documentation and sign agreements of any kind. Once you’ve created an account, your referral link is right there on your dashboard. All you have to do to start earning with TRASTRA is share this link. That’s it, just share it with whoever you feel will benefit the most from the partnership with TRASTRA.

TRASTRA Referral program dashboard

And here’s the best part:

You get €5,00 per card activation + 0,2% of all crypto-to-euro transactions your friend makes.

And your friend gets a FREE TRASTRA Via debit card. That’s right, a free card. Regularly, to order the card costs €9,00 but to boost our partners’ confidence in TRASTRA we’ve decided to make it go away.

How Do a Crypto Referral (Affiliate) Programs Work

This may veer us off the subject of referral programs but I think overall this is very useful knowledge. With time, your crypto prowess will only increase and we want to be there when you decide to ‘go places and meet people.’

CPA (cost-per-action) model

A crypto affiliate program is a great way to get people interested in cryptocurrencies. By using a CPA model, crypto affiliate programs can incentivize users to sign up for new crypto wallets or exchanges. For example, TRASTRA’s ‘refer a friend’ scheme offers users a 5 euro reward for every new person that they sign up. This is a great way to get people interested in crypto, as it provides an incentive for them to learn more about the technology. Furthermore, it also helps to build trust in crypto-assets, as it shows that there are people who are willing to put their money into them. Overall, crypto affiliate programs are a great way to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

NRS (Net Revenue Share) referral programs

NRS referral programs are popular among SaaS companies and eCommerce platforms because they create a flywheel effect that can help to accelerate growth. When customers are rewarded for referring new customers, they have an incentive to promote the platform to their friends and followers. As more people join the platform, it becomes more valuable for everyone involved. 

In addition, NRS referral programs can be designed so that the referrer earns a larger percentage of the revenue generated by their friends as they reach higher levels or spend more money on the platform. This can create a powerful incentive for customers to continue referring new users, resulting in rapid growth for the company.

There are two main types of referral programs: Net Revenue Share (NRS) and Flat-Rate. 

Net Revenue Share

NRS is when a referrer sends customers using their own unique referral link to earn a percentage of the revenue their friends generate on the platform. For example, if Bob refers his friend Sarah to Sheepling (an online sheep rental service), and Sarah spends $100 on wool, Bob would earn $10 since Sheepling has a 10% NRS rate. 

Flat rate

In contrast, Flat-Rate referral programs simply pay the referrer a predetermined amount for each successful referral, regardless of how much the customer spends. So, using the same example, if Sheepling had a $5 flat-rate referral program, Bob would still earn $5 even though Sarah spent $100. 

While NRS programs have the potential to earn more money, they also require more effort to promote since referrers only make money if their friends spend money. As a result, it’s important to carefully consider which type of referral program is right for your business.


If you’re looking to maximize your earnings from crypto referrals, net revenue share allows you to earn a commission based on the revenue generated by your referrals, and it gets more powerful over time. This is because you are always increasing the number of users under your affiliate (referral) link, and you get paid for the action generated by both your old and new referrals. 


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