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Coinbase Direct Listing: All You Need to Know

I sat down with Hannah hours before she was supposed to go off on her well-deserved vacation. But Hannah Petrova, TRASTRA’s “Employee Zero” – the very first hire by the founder, Roman ... Read More »

cryptocurrency exchange Binance

Barclays’ Customers Blocked from Making Payments to Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance

  The article first appeared in The Scotsman, edited for clarity and relevance by Anton Shmerkin   If you still need a reason to ditch banks altogether and start using decentralised mobile applications ... Read More »

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How to get a crypto debit card

Read about What is the best bitcoin debit card for EU customers Like traditional banking, TRASTRA provides you with Web and Mobile banking applications. With the App, you can get up to 5 crypto wallets for BTC, ETH, ... Read More »