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emergence_cryptocurrencies CryptoWorld
The Emergence of Crypto: How, When, Why
Author: Hanna Petrova

It seems to us, everyone from child to old man has already discussed this phenomenon. De facto there are a lot of newbies who have not heard about it yet or comprehend it like a chinese whisper. To change this state of things, we will tell you about cryptocurrency and the way it emerged.

last_bitcoin CryptoWorld
The Last Bitcoin is Mined. Now What?
Author: Hanna Petrova

April 19, 2018 - 16,9 million Bitcoins are currently in supply. It means that only 19% are left unmined. When will the last bitcoin be mined? What will happen when the last bitcoin is mined?

advantages_pay_bitcoin CryptoWorld
What Are the Advantages of Paying With Bitcoin?
Author: Hanna Petrova

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In fact, only 21 million Bitcoins exist. These 21 million can be used for different purposes; the main one stays the same – purchasing things online without any governmental or economical monitoring.

ethereum_guide CryptoWorld
Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum and Ether (2021 Update)
Author: Hanna Petrova

While Bitcoin is doing its victory dance, to an untrained eye it may seem that Ethereum is sidelined undeservedly. Well, let's train that eye, shall we, so its owner finally recognizes the great potential behind the most versatile cryptocurrency there is, and takes full advantage of almost limitless capabilities TRASTRA card offers.

invest_btc CryptoWorld
Is It a Right Moment To Invest in Bitcoin?
Author: Hanna Petrova

You may know the “genesis-block” close standing millionaires: Gavin Andersen, Yifu Guo, Winklevoss twins, Tony Gallippi, Jered Kenna, Dave Carlson, Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, Ross Ulbricht. All of them were not in two minds while deciding to invest in Bitcoin. So, I think, it won’t be a great deal for you to understand why investing in Bitcoin is enough said.

blockchain CryptoWorld
Battle Royale: Will ETH Beat BTC Someday?

Is there any chance that Ethereum will cost as much as Bitcoin in 2018? Let's make it clear together!