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bitcoin_resources CryptoWorld
Top 10 Crypto and Bitcoin Resources to Follow in 2019
Author: Olesya Novik

Here at TRASTRA we try to know everything about the crypto industry and to share our experience and knowledge with everybody.

bitcoin_crash CryptoWorld
November Bitcoin Crash: Reasons
Author: Olesya Novik

The rates of cryptocurrencies continue to fall down. The price of Bitcoin today (12/12/2018) is $3458, despite the words of many crypto investors, opinion leaders and industry influencers about the skyrocket numbers for the end of the year.

crypto_events_Jan_2019 Events
Blockchain and Crypto Events: January 2019
Author: Olesya Novik

New Year and January are right on the way with a lot of new opportunities for blockchainers and crypto enthusiasts. These opportunities can be found on the biggest crypto and blockchain events. Here they are for you:

bitcoin_comparison CryptoWorld
Bitcoin and Honey Badger: Is There Any Connection?
Author: Olesya Novik

"The Bitcoin honey badger has made its way all over the internet," Roger Ver.

Bitcoin and Crypto in Movies/TV: a Seasonal Guide
Author: Olesya Novik

There are tons of documentaries out there on all things crypto. Polarly different opinions are delivered right at your doorstep through multiple media channels designed to affirm or destroy your conviction. Fine, but what about motion pictures and TV?

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What Does HODL Mean, And Why? Crypto Slang
Author: Olesya Novik

so, i’ve had some whiskey actually on the bottle it’s spelled whisky Wrote GameKyuubi on on December 18, 2013 misspelling the word “hold” as hodl. This word is just one of the crypto slang. If you want to understand all the threads and to be able to say something in crypto discussions, this blog post is for you :)

crypto_events_Dec_2018 Events
Blockchain and Crypto Events: December 2018
Author: Olesya Novik

December is coming soon. Thus, we made for you a list of December Blockchain and Crypto events around the world. Here they are:

crypto_art CryptoWorld
Bitcoin and Graffiti
Author: Olesya Novik

Bitcoin has nothing to do with art. Somebody definitely thinks so. Nevertheless, we do not.

crypto_youtube CryptoWorld
15 YouTube Channels About Cryptocurrency
Author: Olesya Novik

Bored of reading long texts about cryptocurrency? We made a list of YouTube crypto-dedicated channels for you :)

btc_10years CryptoWorld
10 Years of Bitcoin: Stay Tuned
Author: Hanna Petrova

No, we didn't forget! 31 October was the 10th Bitcoin Birthday.