If you are a crypto owner, you can easily use crypto in everyday life to make offline purchases.

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Here is a little guide for you on how to make offline purchases using a TRASTRA card:

  1. Download the TRASTRA app for IOS or Android. It helps you to manage your crypto (keep, send, receive or exchange crypto to EUR) on-the-go.


  1. Choose the wallet you need  (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC or XRP) with crypto you wish to exchange.


  1. Make an exchange: 
  • Tap on the Exchange icon in the dashboard/footer


  • Enter the amount you’d like exchange (crypto to EURO)


  • There is an option to choose min or max amount by clicking on the appropriate button below


  • Finally, click the Exchange button and in a few seconds you receive the funds to a Visa card



YAY! Now you can pay with a TRASTRA card offline for dining out and services using any POS- system!

You can add your TRASTRA card to Google Pay and Samsung Pay!


Make crypto payments fast, convenient and extremely secure!